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Unveiling Instagram’s content ranking algorithm: How your Posts get ranked !

Instagram's Content Ranking System: Revealing the Algorithm Behind the Platform
Unveiling Instagram's content ranking algorithm: How your Posts get ranked ! (Wallpaper Access)

I mean who doesn’t want to up their social media game in present times !!. The famous Bill Gates’ quote “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake” i guess is converted by millennials in such a way that, “If you arrive at Social Media without followers it’s not your mistake, but if you leave the platform without 100K followers it’s your mistake”.

To achieve recognition in social frame, everyone is aware of platforms like Instagram, Facebook (Meta) and others like these, where one expresses their views and opinions, or brings upon creativity to virtual world stage either by creating a video or posting an image with long descriptive captions underneath it, whether be it politics, art, fashion or sports, everything and anything is up on these social media apps. And just like the advantage of having such platforms where you can send your message to the world with a finger tap, so leads t its disadvantage, the reach of desired message.

Millions of videos, posts, blogs are published/released over these platforms every passing day, and only a few handful get the reach they deserve or more, and an additional headache above all this is the fast changing trends of the audiences.

Recently, Instagram published a blog which stated about how the social app ranks content in Feed, Stories, Explore, Reels, and Search. There are certain signals that the brand Instagram releases every time and the users who well jump over these signals get the best of reach out there. Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri stated,

We want to do a better job of explaining how Instagram works. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and we recognize that we can do more to help people, especially creators, understand what we do.

Some key points of the Blog which was published by the Insta head himself covered following steps-:

  • Different parts of Instagram use different algorithms -: There is no singular ranking algorithm powering the entire platform because users want to see different things in different parts of the app.
  • Over 1000 signals are used to determine the Feed -: Instagram determines what a user might be interested in โ€œbased on a variety of factors, including what and whom youโ€™ve followed, liked or engaged with recently”.
  • What types of content will move lower in Feed and Stories -: This includes content that goes against Community Guidelines or shadow banned posts or accounts.
  • Watch more of someoneโ€™s Stories and you will be shown more of them -: how often you viewed a personโ€™s stories in the past and also the engagement like DM or a reply to their story.

The blog post also provides information on methods to customize your Feed and Stories, empowering you to have a say in what you view. These tactics include adding accounts to your Favorites list, temporarily snoozing recommended posts for a month, curating a Close Friends list, muting specific accounts, and participating in Instagram surveys. By implementing these strategies, you can personalize your Instagram experience according to your preferences.

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