Union Budget Quote from Alok Dubey, CFO, ACER

alok-dubey-acer-india“The Union Budget for the year 2017-18 is likely to be unique as many prime factors like demonetisation, GST, cashless economy measures, will play a key role this year. We are expecting favourable change in the Income Tax slabs and rates, as customer spending is still anticipated to decline for short term due to demonetisation. We also expect the budget to focus on shaping the IT infrastructure and urge the government to provide tax deductions on purchase of PC for consumers as well providing easy short-term loans for retailers for working capital requirement. This is required to accompaniment India’s emergent IT sector and further help the industry make improved technology more accessible to Indian market to fulfil government’s push for a digital economy.”- Mr. Alok Dubey, CFO, ACER