October 21, 2020

Unbelievable & Shocking Does Air cooler work on 2.7watts== Airtek

Hi I am Shikha Sharma, Branch Head TATA Aia Lives in Dehradun. I want to share my personal experience with you .

On my Son Birth day I gifted  my son a personal Air cooler as in Dehradun we do not need maximum usage of Air conditioners.

I saw on Flipkart a new Air cooler of  Airtek which works at 2.7watts-I shocked to see that really it works on2.7watts.

Then I bought that ATES800 air cooler of Airtek for my Kiddoo son Kairav for his study Room…..This prevents us from Mosquitoes also.

If you’re searching for an air cooler then I would definitely recommend Airtek’s cooler due to its superb performance. Initially I was of the opinion of buying an air conditioner but due to a recommendation from a friend, we bought Airtek Air Cooler. The consumption of space of this cooler is pretty less and moreover the cooling system is the best.

You would not even come to know that it’s a cooler who is performing so good, even better than an air conditioner I would say. My kid Kairav is 7 year old and he knows how to completely how the cooler works. This is because the system is very user friendly. Also the air blown out is very fresh and soothing making me tension free for the health of my son.

The pollution which is outside is completely refreshed by the system and the cooler blows air very fresh. Due to this, my kid who was suffering from frequent cold now does not show symptoms of cold and is happy with the fresh air. Moreover, other coolers are normally louder than what Airtek provides as its Noise level is 25DB only. This is what I came to know when we went for a party at our neighbors’ place then I searched on Internet and found ES800.

If you’re searching for a cooler which protects your family from bad air, it is a definite recommendation to buy. I am writing this review after MY personal usage and believe me I had no issue in the past. The company also provides servicing free for a year. Whenever I got confused using the system, I called up the company’s toll free number and they immediately helped me with a good gesture which is what feels good. Though, the cooler comes with a handy instruction book as to how to use it. I am definitely planning to buy from the same company for my Kitchen also. We totally loved it especially my kid.