U&i unveils its latest series of must-have Smart products

U&i, a leading consumer electronics brand brings out 6 new valuable additions to its wide range of products-Shot Series 10,000mAh dual USB with C Port PowerbankGolf Series 3 in 1 Super Fast Charging Data Cable, Big Bull Series 35 Watt Super Fast Warp Charger, Worth Series Fast Charging and Data Transmission cable, Sweet Series 3A Output Auto-ID Adapter and Sweet-C Series 3A Output Auto ID Adapter. Being the most efficient and affordable, these products are made with utmost quality and durability to make the user experience as smooth as possible, these products are a one-stop-shop in the current market.

The U&i Shot Series Powerbank comes with a 10,000mAh battery capacity which means it can charge upto 3 devices with a single charge. This is essentially what a good quality Powerbank should be equipped with. Moreover, to improve the experience with ease in connectivity, the U&i Powerbank comes with various connectivity options ranging from USB to C-Port. Its input is 5V 1A while its output power is 5V 2A signifying the product won’t take much voltage to charge besides, it will also allow the phone to charge 2 times faster.

The U&i Golf Series Super Fast Charging Data Cable comes with a 3 in 1 feature. In simpler words, one can charge three different devices at the same time with this super-fast charging data cable. It comes in a compact design with three different cords- Type C USB, Micro USB and Lightening. Typically, it works for all types of smartphones and smart devices. The cable is made up of the best quality copper wire which is one of the best insulators for chargers and is even recyclable, taking care of the environment as well. It comes with a very stylish, but sturdy design, making no compromise on the quality of the product. It can also be used without uncovering your mobile/laptop.

The U&i Big Bull Series 35 Watt Super Fast Warp Charger comes with a Type-C cable and its material selection consists of precision electrical components, Fire-Proof Circuit Board and Imported Fire-Proof Plastics which makes the appliance very safe and efficient. Its input is 100-240v 50/60hz. Virtually, all Smart Devices (including those with internal power supplies) will handle well a range of 100 to 240 volts and a frequency of 50 to 60Hz. In other words, it won’t need a converter/transformer and is equipped with a spectacular maximum output of 20V-1.5A which is only present in good quality high-end chargers today. Its Power Data Objects (PDO) come in 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-2.5A, 20V-1.5A, giving tough competition in the market.

The U&i Worth Series Fast Charging and Data Transmission cable is the new-gen cable, equipped with superlative features and technology. It comes with a super cool LED light indicator, providing ease to the user. This 25 Watt cable is made of a very superior quality copper wire which helps in efficient transmission. The design of the U&i Worth Series cable is very appealing but sturdy, making no compromise in its quality. This newly launched cable, with all its brilliant features, is very affordable and very easy to use.

The U&i Sweet Series 3A Output Auto-ID Adapter comes with a complementary data cable, whereas, the U&i Sweet-C Series 3A Output Auto ID Adapter comes with a complementary C-Type data cable, catering to every possible requirement of the user. The material selection of these products consists of Fire-Proof Circuit Board, imported fire-proof plastics and precise electrical components making it a very efficient and safe product. The U&i Sweet series adapters come with 2 USB output ports each, enabling the user to save on wastage of electricity by charging 2 devices at once without affecting the speed of the charging. These adapters come with a maximum voltage of 5V-3.0A and 5V-1.5A, making this product compatible with almost all smart devices.

Price and Availability:

·         The U&i Shot Series 10,000mAh dual USB with C Port Powerbank is available at INR 1,999.

·         The U&i Golf Series 3 in 1 Super Fast Charging Data Cable is available INR 699.

·         The U&i Big Bull Series 35 Watt Super Fast Warp Charger is available at INR 2,199.

·         The U&i Worth Series Fast Charging and Data Transmission cable is available at INR 1,199.

·         The U&i Sweet Series 3A Output Auto-ID Adapter and the U&i Sweet-C Series 3A Output Auto ID Adapter Charger are available at INR 699 and INR 799 respectively.

These products are backed with a 12-months warranty, whereas the U&i Worth Series Fast Charging and Data Transmission cable comes with a lifetime warrantyThese products can be purchased from all leading retail stores.

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