December 5, 2020

UDO Mobile App; brings on-demand expert advice on your fingertips

“UDO, too, like many others tried using chatbots for providing help to advice seekers but got our fingers burnt and suffered huge losses. We are not the only one with such an experience. In fact, most of the brands have cooled on chatbots. FB Messenger bot, Singapore POSB and OCBC bank’s are such examples, where bots have failed in performance. The reason is clear that chatbots are devised to handle only a limited set of standard questions; they perform only when they are triggered with the logic, fed to it by human intelligence. Beyond logic, bots cannot function accurately and hence cannot provide unique solutions to unique problems.
Obviously we’re far from ‘successful’ bot and businesses should evaluate bots on the criteria of removing friction and adding convenience/friendliness to commerce transactions. Alternately, for sensitive situations that need a human input, bots don’t work.”
Mr. Teja Gudluru, CEO and Founder of UDO mobile app.Teja Gudluru is the CEO and Founder of Mobitattva Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd,which has developed UDO; an Android Mobile App which enables people to seek expert advice and also remunerate them for their opinions over certain subjects. He is the real brain behind UDO that acts like a real buddy and provides advices on every dilemmas of life, whether it be the relationships or shopping advice.