Twitter May Soon Add Share To WhatsApp Button


If reports are to be believed, Twitter may soon have a ‘Share to WhatsApp’ button on its Android application. The function of the button is pretty much self explanatory; it will make it easier for users to share their tweets through the leading instant messaging application. The feature is reportedly under testing right now, but could be rolled out any time soon.

Tweets can currently be shared on WhatsApp using the Share button. But the share button brings up an array of options for the users to choose from. The share on WhatsApp button will be used exclusively for sharing on WhatsApp with contacts added there.

Further, reports say that users will be able to send messages along with tweets, while also sending it to their WhatsApp contacts. The feature is very similar to social sharing website, which had just recently added the Share to WhatsApp contact button to its application.

The share button should help increase Twitter’s user base, especially in countries where WhatsApp is more popular than Twitter. The user base for WhatsApp in India is over 50 million.

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