master-cooler-master-nepton-120xl,K-M-438790-1This week during Computex 2014 in Taipei, Cooler Master is showcasing its Nepton liquid cooling series, which is refreshed with a low-noise design across the entire lineup. The company is also showing an “ultra high-end” keyboard, the Novatouch TKL, with hybrid capacitive switches. Both will be launched sometime in July.

The Nepton liquid cooling series now includes 120 mm, 140 mm, 240 mm and 280 mm radiators, aka the 120XL, 140XL, 240M and 280L, respectively. The Nepton pump uses the company’s Advanced Silent Driver to reduce vibration levels and provide a high 120 L/hour flow rate with a noise level of 11dBA.

“A Cooler Master-designed water block is manufactured using a special manufacturing process to produce a large microchannel surface area and a high-efficiency jet impingement system to optimize hotspot cooling performance,” the PR states.

According to the company, this process eliminates microchannel imperfections in the water block. That means blockages should be minimal if not non-existent, and have an increased surface area that’s four times larger than the competition.

“Nepton series now uses the all-new Silencio Fan that offers 11dBA noise levels and high air pressure rated at 1.2 mmH2O,” the PR adds.

As for the Novatouch TKL keyboard, this peripheral uses exclusive Hybrid Capacitive switches geared for gaming and “heavy-duty” typing. The keyboard utilizes a new Hybrid Capacitive switch that is uniformly weighted at 45g actuation across the entire device. The switch is also precision tuned for smooth tactile actuation feedback and lower noise. The keyboard also supports Cherry MX Keycaps.

In addition to the cooling products and keyboard, Cooler Master also hinted at a 1200 watt 80 Plus Titanium power supply that was shown behind doors during the show. This digital power supply includes a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone app.

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