Twitter Introduces a New Tool to Battle Misinformation

The company has approved that twitter is making a new tool to counter the wrong information. This new feature will let users flag tweets or add notes to clarify their doubts, and fill up a survey form that evaluates the potential of the team as can it create harm and reach and to other users as well. It was first spotted at the starting of August. There have been shared more screenshots to give a clear glimpse into how the feature can use crowdsourced information to reasonable content on twitter.


Image from Twitter


Through multiple screenshots shared on the platform, someone demonstrated how the community of twitter was made when a tweet was added to Birdwatch. Later, it was confirmed in a reply that there would be soon more information on Birdwatch.

A social media consultant had also shared a screenshot previous week which showed a small binoculars icon that appears below a tweet that permitted him to have access to the “Add to Birdwatch” feature.

The “Birdwatch” feature will enable users to add notes to the tweet when they were flagging. The history of notes can be made accessible for other users to see and also to vote on.

It is still not clear whether the feature will be allowing users to open to all the users. It is also significant to detect how Twitter is planning to limit the potential trolling that this feature can unbridle.