Twitter Bans Trump Death-Related Tweets

The social media platform is eliminating tweets that hope for United States’ President’s demise. This move has opened up twitter to condemnation that it must impose a similar policy for everyone.

The San Francisco-based company has drawn a line on corrosive commentary after Trump’s tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. The platform is telling users that uttering hope for anyone’s death violates policies against unmannerly behavior.

Twitter has said that tweets like wish or hope for trump’s death are only going to spread negativity, which the platform is not about and those tweets will be removed.


Also, the company does not tolerate those contents that wishes, hopes, or expresses a longing for someone’s death.

The post tweeted by the people sparked a firestorm of responses from other people regarding twitter’s inconsistency about enforcing strict rules against people who wish for the president’s demise.

Conservative Republicans have persistently used twitter to disgorge venom at the US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or commonly known as AOC.

As per the Democratic lawmaker, Rashida Tlaib struck in with the same comment on twitter saying that the threats of death should be taken more seriously.

Twitter in response to it said that they heard those people who believe that twitter’s policies are inconsistent and the company is trying to formulate better policies to stop the hatred that is spread in the platform. The social media giant is currently working to solve the issue.

After the time since trump tested positive for COVID-19, this matter has become a hot topic on the social media platform. As users are keen to point out trump’s action of downplaying corvid’s risk and safety precautions.