“Truvison is predominantly a channel friendly brand.”-Mr.Saurabh Kabra,Director-Business Operations at TRUVISON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

An exclusive interview with IT.Voice Mr.Saurabh Kabra,Director-Business Operations at TRUVISON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED.reveals his strategies for business in India .

Nisha Harshwal:-Take us through Truvison’s growth journey over the last year.

Mr.Saurabh Kabra,Director-Business Operations at TRUVISON INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-The Year 2017, has been a very eventful year, not just for Truvison but the entire Industry. Reforms and implementations such as GST, Demonetization dominated not just the news channels but also the sales charts for every Brand. Having said that, for Truvison the year has been promising indeed; Truvison products coming with top-notch quality and tech has hit the right chords in the minds of consumers. Ever since the beginning, our goal has been to offer the best quality products and solutions to our customers in terms of affordability, performance, quality and design. We are proud of our progress and the independent research studies only strengthen our motives. Our products stand testimony to the brand vision we hold, right from the TV’s designed for with Cornea Technology that minimizes the strain to the eye to the TruAER Technology in ACs, our products have enabled the Brand to build International feel to Indian Consumers at the most budgeted prices. 

Truvison was never been an online brand, inspite of seeing the clutter in the market we chose to take the offline route to enable us to have reach even to the smallest cities. The acceptance of the brand in Indian Market has led it to not just set up a firm foothold in Tier 2 but also Tier 3 cities in India. 

Nisha Harshwal:-How much is Truvison India targeting in terms of top-line growth in the current fiscal?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-India is a vast market and that has been a given. With the immense potential that the country brings, it also brings the challenge to reach the audience effectively. On the positive front, we are happy to see Indian consumers demanding value for money products that do not compromise on quality. Until recently our top-line growth has been largely dominated by TV’s.  When it comes to LED TV’s – 4K TV’s, 4K HD TV’s have been our strongest selling products in the Industry. This year, we have also launched AC’s and Washing Machines, newest entrants from Truvison family. In the current fiscal, we are looking to attain a top line of 210 crores. Along with that we have also established strong touch points at Pan India. We have entrenched more than 500 Channel Patners across 3000 towns and Cities in India.

Nisha Harshwal:-Which are the other new products the Truvison is planning to launch in India?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-Indian TV market is extremely diverse, in terms of pricing, quality, and technology offered. As a brand with a vision of maximum expanse, we have very recently launched Washing Machines and AC’s followed by entering the Audio Category. The next milestone to be achieved will be with the addition of Refrigerators and Air purifiers into the portfolio, we believe that Air Purifier Market in India is in a very nascent stage and with growing Health concerns there is a huge cope especially in the countries like India. Also among Refrigerators we aim to come with mid-priced products with right technology, currently this segment has a vaccum with deliverables mentioned. We want to plug in that space.

Nisha Harshwal:-When it comes to channel expansion, can you please elaborate on company’s strategies in this aspect?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-Truvison is predominantly a channel friendly brand. We are one of the few brands in India who rather than taking the Online route for presence opted Offline.  We plan to strengthen our GTM strategy to give us leverage in terms of better reach and delivery. In terms of product, our focus in always to improve quality at better price points in more industries with a positive intent and to suit consumer preferences. As a brand, we have a firm belief in in providing the best quality products that add value to the customer’s experience.

Not just that, our business plans have special focus on after-sales service at its core. Our channel partners will play a key role in sustaining and expanding the brand’s presence in the country.

Nisha Harshwal:-What kind of strategy have you planned to position Truvison’s product successfully in the market?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-The company is focused is to reach out to a maximum number of consumers. However, diverse and various demands of the consumers differ from one to another; catching up with all of it is hard. With the understanding of the local needs and market response, the strategy shall always follow the consumer-first approach followed by channel-centric ideology. The improved awareness of the brand not just helps us bridge the hiatus between consumers and manufacturers, but also support us for the brand’s expansion plans.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the Growth Drivers?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-Some key Growth Drivers that defines the Industry includes Growing Disposable income, better understanding of Technology, Internet penetration & Innovation the key differentiation. Consumers eye not just for technology but paramount the quality and brand-position. However, still gaining a foothold in the market, we are resolute to deliver a quality which is a class in itself, so that consumers could connect to the brand, better.

Nisha Harshwal:-What are the three key strategies that worked in favor of “TRUVISON“?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-As a brand emerged recently in the Indian Market, we prioritize setting a firm foothold and carving out a distinct niche for our brand before competing in the market where already established brands are a milestone to discover yet. Furthermore, viewing the dynamics of the market, we believe that judicious decisions is a key strategy to optimize the brand for a long run ahead.

However, the most significant factor is held by the products delivered. Truvison’s adept R&D team ensures the product to be of top-notch quality and innovation to be the factor of offering the product. Truvison in its journey has robust and confident testing of the product before launching in the market. Following these key strategies which include R&D( Innovation), being available at the right touchpoints and well established gamut of after-sales services across the nation, the brand with its superior quality technologies has transformed the electronic industry’s landscape.

Nisha Harshwal:-Your view on the International market& an extensive reach with 36 branches across the country?

Mr.Saurabh Kabra:-The Indian Market is an extremely attractive marketplace, which is why you have got so much foreign investment here already.  For the parties that aren’t here today, they track India like they track China and other growing markets around the world. I think ultimately, it’s a question of what’s the viable entry strategy for a company to get scale that makes sense for it today. For Truvison we have a firm foothold on Global Markets, the market in terms of technology is matured and also is driven by price differentiation. Vendors are offering maximum features at lowest possible cost. With India progressing in the global market, the significant rise in the purchasing power of consumers is stimulated by the increase in their disposable income. And with this, the market for consumer electronics is witnessing tremendous progress across the world.