“TRENDnet cares for their customers and TRENDnet has Networks People Trust ™” Mr. Atul Jain, Country Manager, TRENDnet India

TRENDnet is an award winning global brand, dedicated to providing a complete line of high quality yet affordable networking solutions for small to mid-sized business and home users alike. IT Voice had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Atul Jain, Country Manager, TRENDnet India. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

Shweta: What are the various channel initiatives planned by TRENDnet during the next 6-12 months?

Atul Jain: TRENDnet entering and investing to India market with lot of activities to attract the channel partners few of these include conducting Road shows, join the contest /advertisement in magazine/media to have constant touch with end customers, Product Reviews, Demo Products at channels, joint events with our partners, IT Trade / Exhibition participations, Demo Zone with Key Partners for Walk in customers.

Mr Atul Jain, Country Manager - India at TRENDnet
Mr Atul Jain, Country Manager – India at TRENDnet

Shweta: What is your big focus area in the current fiscal?

Atul Jain: Our Big Focus Area in the current fiscal year is to let channel partner give a confidence that how they can make money by offering / adopting the products and offer good value mix to their customers.

Shweta: What is your strategy for the consumer space where the market has become fragmented?

Atul Jain: TRENDnet actually has the products which offer a wide variety to attract a large chunk of consumers. The consumers, who are Gamers, can offer AC Dual band routers as well as NAS to let other Friends also play the games through media server (TRENDnet 2 Bay NAS), as well as the consumers who want to have the first time wireless experience. Consumers who want to play game on their big LCD using Media Bridge or listen or music wirelessly. Consumers who want to connect their larger homes with multiple floors. So TRENDnet offers connectivity solutions for all Consumers.

Shweta: Could you provide some details about your growth strategies for the next 5 years?

Atul Jain: TRENDnet wish to be TOP3 players in india market within this Span or earlier.

 Shweta: What challenges do you foresee?

Atul Jain: The real challenge is “price” which company like TRENDnet would not enter as TRENDnet believes in giving quality and hi engineered products to the customers so if customer wants to scale up his network or enhance their home wireless experience they should not face any bottleneck. TRENDnet can justify the huge chunk of consumers which begin with basic wireless users to users who wants to play high definition games / downloads they do not face any bottleneck. TRENDnet has the broad focus on a wide array of products for consumers, SOHO and SMB.

Shweta: How focused is TRENDnet on Government projects?

Atul Jain: TRENDnet is focused to grow in the Consumers, SOHO and SMB and we would like to undertake those government / public sector projects which fall under our Products Specifications / Solutions. We are targeting the partners who can take TRENDnet into these segments as well as education, Banking, finance who are networking up to 150 users in a premise.

With competition increasing in this segment, service in addition will play an important role in maintain the brand name of the company? Please comment.

Atul Jain: Though most of the Products which TRENDnet, offers are plug and play device, since it’s focused towards Home consumers. It should be as easy as plugging the Washing machine at your home with some basic settings to start with. TRENDnet understands this and that’s why we started our Toll free Technical help to guide you through installations online or troubleshoot. The replacement can be done by 30 different service centers of Abacus peripherals in different cities of India where once call center asked you to replace the product you can go to Abacus Service center and get the replacement. TRENDnet cares for their customers and TRENDnet has Networks People Trust ™.