Presents the new BlackBerry Z10, India’s fastest growing premium online portal brings a new generation Blackberry i.e. BlackBerry Z10 within reach for its customers for the first time. You can now find this smartphone keyboard at with the best feature being the prediction of what you’ll type next. As you type, you’ll get word suggestions to pick from without putting an effort of typing it out all the way.


The experience of using Z10’s touchscreen brings along exciting features like video chatting and sharing screen with other BB10 users through the web. Messengers like Google Talk or AIM let you maintain your buddy list and update interesting status when your friends are online.

BlackBerry has always prided itself on having the best smartphone keyboard, so the challenge was to bring that same experience to the Z10’s touchscreen. It provides an incredible 1800 mAh battery power to users who do almost all of their work on mobile. With the HTML5 browser and 16GB as internal memory, this smartphone is a must buy. Few other features include Blackberry 10 OS, 2GB RAM and primary camera of 8MP for the real ‘Blackberry’ experience.

This new BlackBerry Z10 device comes with a one year warranty and the handset colour is accessible as per availability. This trendy gadget adds a more useful and advanced perspective to the world of mobile technology!

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