January 25, 2021

Toshiba launches Smart community

Toshiba is on the cutting edge of creating a new vision for the future– “Smart Community” by lifenology—a society that is technologically  advanced but that puts peoples’ well-being first. With a focus on healthcare, energy and cloud and storage technology, they are working to create a future ideal of a safe, secure and comfortable society. Toshiba has always developed and offered a wide range of innovative products and services for the b-to-b market. Two of the products in this campaign are: Ozone generators and electric buses.

To market this campaign, Toshiba has taken to internet marketing. They have created two innovative ads using 3D Projection Mapping and Hologram technology, to raise awareness and reinvent the brand.

Ozone is essential for clean water and improving and maintaining the environment. To celebrate the power of Ozone, Toshiba has produced 2 remarkable videos. The original video was made using a human motion control tracking camera. The camera moves along predetermined floor markings to trace changes in the computer graphics. The result? A more in-depth look at the holographic images inside, and a beautiful vision of the future of ozone generation. The companion video shows the “making of” the first video for a deeper look inside the elaborate production

Similarly Toshiba’s study has proved that electric buses can transform a city. Using their Battery Energy Storage Solutions with SCiB™, Toshiba has pioneered a rechargeable battery used for super quick charging. In extensive 2014 demonstration experiments in Tokyo, the Electric Bus proved to be nimble and responsive in heavily-trafficked urban communities. We expect high demand for Electric buses on a global scale. And in places with chronic traffic congestion or within airport terminals, the Electric bus can solve problems while reducing carbon emissions and making the air safer for people and the environment. The video showcasing the electric bus was made using a virtual reality system with video mapping. Computer graphics displayed in the background and on the bus use sensors to automatically change the display in real time. The companion video shows the elaborate “making of” the initial video.

These concepts & videos will be of interest to people who are into Virtual Reality and Video Mapping; Technology, Environment and Smart Communities