Toshiba launched FlashAir SD card & USB Flash Drive in its own brand name

toshiba22-7-13Toshiba launched FlashAir SD card & USB Flash Drive in its own brand name. FlashAir is a full SDA compliant SD Card offering 8GB of high quality Flash Memory in combination with a wireless LAN Access Point. With this WLAN functionality, FlashAir offers the advantage of allowing access to the data stored on the SD Card without the need to remove the Card or plug a cable to the device.  ImageThe user has to simply connect the remote host by linking it to the WLAN Access Point of the FlashAir SD Card, start a browser tool and all data of the card can be read and transferred from the FlashAir SD Card to the remote Host. This basic functionality does not require any special driver or Software Installation on any side.  The WLAN function transfers any type of data and can be secured with WPA2.wp22-7-13toshiba-22-7-13

ImageSpeaking on occasion, Hirohito Nakai, Senior Manager, Flash Business Strategy Development, Memory Division, said, “Toshiba’s products are known for their quality and durability. We are targeting high-end market for these two memory products-FlashAir SD card & USB Flash Drive. We have our own chip and so we know what quality means in a chip. For OEM segment, we are now coming up with our own Toshiba brand. Our main objective is to provide quality and value for money. India is a big and growing market. Here, we are looking for 50% market share. We are well-equipped with strategy, men, means and material to drive our brand in India. Trek is our distributor and representative in India and they will take care of the service part also in India.”