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Top Tech platforms redefining learning Sector

The foundation for a lifetime of good physical, mental, and emotional health is laid by a child’s conduct and overall well-being. Good behavior promotes scholastic achievement, societal integration, and strong relationships. Taking care of and fostering a child’s well-being guarantees their holistic growth, adaptability, and capacity to handle difficulties. It establishes the foundation for success, contentment, and happiness in the future. By placing a high value on children’s conduct and wellbeing, we make an investment in raising a generation that will prosper and make valuable contributions to society. 

MyPeegu: MyPeegu is dedicated to the objective of inclusion, informed skill development, and an intervention plan for all student populations, improving teacher skills to enable them to meet the requirements of students and psycho-educate parents to optimize parent engagement and support child development.They work along with schools to plan various activities that assess children’s behavior and concentrate on their overall development. Their service plans are customized to the school’s needs.

Centum Learning: Centum Learning is a state-of-the-art learning solution powered by the best technology available, providing measurable professional and individual advantages. Centum’s expertise in corporate training enables businesses to improve worker productivity, develop a pipeline of future leaders, and provide individualized learning experiences. Our efforts also include CSR implementation, which skillfully incorporates livelihood skills and capacity building into an organization’s CSR plan.

Behavior momentum in India: At BMI, providing individualized care that is suited to each child’s particular needs is our first priority.

Under strict supervision, our committed teams use their compassion and commitment to implement the ABA principles and create a supportive learning environment. Our extensive offerings include: academic support; home-based and intervention services; behavior clinics; occupational & speech therapy; mentoring forums; independent fieldwork; BCBA/BCaBA mentoring; consultation; school support; language programs; social skills training; parent training; and weekend workshops.

Mom’s Belief: Mom’s Belief is the leading provider of mental health and wellbeing services for kids in the Asia-Pacific region, with a mission to fulfill every child’s potential. Promoting equity and making sure every child gets the help they need are at the center of our purpose.

Our mission is to empower families with critical understanding by advocating for children’s emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Our wide range of programs meets all needs: for parents, we provide Tantrum Diffuser and Communication Starter; for kids, we offer Inclusive School and Developmental Assessment. Specials receive therapy, early intervention, and parental guidance to guarantee comprehensive support and development.

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