January 28, 2021

Top Five Best Camera Apps For Android

cameraModern smartphone age has changed the way we take pictures. Camera technology in smartphones has developed a lot in last decade. Most smartphones are equipped top notch imaging hardware and software. Even though you cannot really change the camera hardware in your smartphone, you can always tinker with the software. Today we have listed top 5 camera apps for Android

Camera 360

Camera 360 has been around for long time now. It is still one of the top downloaded camera app on Google Play Store. Camera 360 provides a great blend of manual control and automatic functions. The app has really intuitive user interface which is similar to Lumia camera app. The tool brings number of creative filters.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a paid camera app. The app is best for people who love manual settings. The interface lets you tweak each and every setting of lens. DSLR users love this app. There is no automatic mode in this app. You need to know what you are doing while clicking pictures. You can tweak ISO, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Metering, White Balance, Bracketing and much more with Camera FV-5.

A Better Camera

This app is very similar to Camera 360 except for filters and user interface. The manual controls in this app are extensive. You can make use of each and every setting to get the best snap. A Better Camera is best suited for people who know their way around with a camera. The app provides detailed control of camera on smartphone.

DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera is another best paid camera app. The app is meant for enthusiasts. It offers wide range of manual controls like exposure control, metering, white balance, bracketing, ISO and even timer. DSLR Camera is as good as Camera FV-5.

Camera MX

This is a basic camera app. It is a great replacement for stock Google camera app though. Camera MX offers simple yet beautiful interface. There are some tweaks in the app that are missing in stock camera app. You can use this lightweight camera app to replace stock camera app.