Business intelligence (BI), a technology-driven process for data analysis and information presentation, assist managers, executives, and other end users to make wise business decisions. Utilizing BI technologies may provide advantages over competitors in the form of faster and improved decision-making, streamlining internal business processes, boosting operational efficiency, and generating new revenues. BI systems can also assist businesses in identifying market trends and identifying issues that need to be resolved. A corporation can, in essence, observe its activities in the past, present, and future thanks to BI tools.

Let’s examine a few of the leading providers in business intelligence and their various offerings.

·       1. Power BI

Microsoft’s technology-driven business intelligence product, Power BI, analyses and visualizes raw data to provide usable knowledge. In order to support an organization’s data-driven decision-making, it combines business analytics, data visualization, and best practices. It transforms data from numerous sources in order to provide dynamic dashboards and Business Intelligence reports. There is a vast amount of data available to Power BI from numerous sources. It enables you to view, analyze, and visualize enormous amounts of data that Excel is unable to open.

·       2. Tableau

Tableau has been owned by since 2019, however, the company’s history is actually with on-premises deployments (Tableau Online and Tableau CRM). Tableau was created primarily to make it easy for users to access, prepare, analyze, and present their data’s conclusions. The platform also gains from strong product offers and marketing. You may make a company dashboard here, generate pre-made or customized reports, and even include smart alerts to be informed of targets and anomalies.

·       3. Intellicus

Intellicus helps obtain practical insights from assistance in helping firms make use of their data. Intellicus supports CXOs in using data to accelerate business growth through the use of AI, auto ML, and complex machine learning models. Instead of retrofitting them to “customizable,” one-size-fits-all solutions, Intellicus Technologies creates customized solutions based on your needs.

Intellicus is specialized in SaaS Applications, embedded Reporting Solutions, ad hoc reports, dashboards, standard reports, web-based enterprise reporting solutions, Intellicus for iOS and android, big data ad-hoc reporting and dashboards, and mobile business intelligence. The company offers its products to various industries such as retail, healthcare, BPO, logistics, manufacturing, and human resources.

·       4. Qlik

This powerful business intelligence tool illustrates how the data ought to be connected in an optimal way. Qlik promises an interactive visualization that helps decision-making even more. The fact that this BI service provider offers self-service Visualization, Guided, and Embedded analytics should not be overlooked. Additionally, the business runs a program called Data Market that gives QlikView users access to a selected selection of publicly accessible data sets, such as census, financial, and business filing data.

·       5. MicroStrategy

Data analytics platform MicroStrategy provides enterprises of all sizes with actionable intelligence. It enables users to create unique real-time dashboards. It makes use of mobile access, machine intelligence, and data connectivity to provide people complete control over their findings. It distinguishes itself as a pioneer in the enterprise analytics space thanks to its simplicity of use and scalability.

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