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TO THE NEW organized its annual hackathon, Geek Combat, to encourage unique ideas & solutions

TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company, announced the winners of Geek Combat 2023, the company’s annual hackathon event organized for all its employees, fondly called “Newers”. This year’s hackathon revolved around the theme of Artificial Intelligence, providing an exciting platform for Newers to unleash their creativity and collaborate intensely on innovative digital solutions.

Around 70 Newers participated in the event, which took place in an offline (in-office) setup. The participants were divided into 14 teams, each tasked with designing a product that simplifies Newers’ lives, streamlines TTN processes, or enhances our client products using Artificial Intelligence. The winners were determined by an internal jury panel.

“Geek Combat 2023 is a remarkable event for us, as it gives Newers a unique platform to experiment with their talent and creativity, giving shape and wings to their ideas. The hackathon witnessed enthusiastic participation, where we saw our Newers come up with a flurry of exciting tech solutions. There was a lot of learning, knowledge-sharing, debates, and discussions, and tons of fun and excitement. We are elated with the outcome and hope to make the best of the new findings.”, said Deepak Mittal, CEO and Co-founder, of TO THE NEW.

The shortlisted teams presented their innovative ideas & solutions to the prestigious Jury composed of the company’s Co-founders. The selection of winners was not contingent upon ranking; rather, it was predicated on the assessment of the degree of innovation, usability, AI utilization, and other relevant criteria. Five outstanding teams emerged as winners and were rewarded with cash prizes. These winning projects will receive support for implementation across the organization.

The first winning team, Cloud Guardians, introduced a cloud-based AI tool that monitors the cloud environment, analyses logs and alarms, and autonomously rectifies detected issues. As an AWS well-architected Audit Partner, TO THE NEW, can employ this tool to identify and resolve errors with minimal manual intervention and offer clients insightful recommendations based on cloud environment analysis.

The second winning team’s project, “Nexus – AI-Powered Assistant for FinOps Optimization,” created by team Skeletor, focuses on optimizing AWS infrastructure costs. Their solution offers cost-reduction recommendations and enhances user experience with AI-powered personalized assistance through the Nexus App.

The third winning project by team Vencedor developed an application to provide AI-assisted services for Idanim Meditation App. This solution has features like an AI-powered chatbot that serves as a virtual meditation coach, multilingual support to cater to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds, translation of audio meditations from one language to another, and much more.

The fourth winning project, “AI based Betting App assistant” by team punter.AI, developed an application to provide a seamless, intuitive and efficient way for users (multitaskers, physically impaired, or on the move) to interact with the application. This solution provides a convenient app experience for users by enabling hands-free and intuitive interaction through the use of voice commands for input and actions.

The fifth winning team, Sigma, developed an adaptive Talent Management Platform. The core idea is to optimize resource allocation and project success by aligning candidate skills with project requirements through the use of AI. It also augments Talent Management process by streamline talent management via an innovative assessment portal to reduce skill mismatch and enhance onboarding and enables data-driven decisions through insights gathered from candidate assessments.

TO THE NEW firmly believes that innovation starts at home, and nurturing its employees positively impacts its work culture, growth, and commercial success. Geek Combat 2023 is one significant step forward in this approach. 

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