Time Travel Simulated Using Light Particles

www.gizmodo.co_.uk_Ever since I was a small child, I have always loved the idea of being able to traverse both time and space.  From watching Dr Who and classic sci-fi I have grown to love the idea that maybe one day man will be able to manipulate science to the best advantages possible and then be able to travel through time itself.  Of course it is only fantasy, but a bit of escapism every now and again does you no harm.

A research team at the University of Queensland has provided the world with a faint spark of hope in the realm of time travel.  They have been able to simulating time travel on an extremely small scale.  The study by the team used individual photons to reproduce a quantum particle that was  travelling through a space-time loop, to arrive where and when it began.  As with all time travel experiments there has to be a paradox, right?  Well because these particles are naturally uncertain, there was not room for a paradox to occur, i.e. the particle couldn’t destroy itself before it began the journey.

Obviously this experiment is a simulation and as such please don’t be expecting the team to be convertingDelorean cars and constructing flux capacitors any time soon.  They have only shown that the idea ‘could’ work. It could take a very long time indeed before there is irrefutable proof that whole atoms could travel the loop, not to mention large solid objects or even people.  The research is a little further along that science fiction, but it is nowhere near science fact.  Well, not yet anyway.

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