thinspace vijende yadavThinspace, a global provider of reliable, scalable and affordable application delivery, virtualization, and cloud client technology solutions, has introduced skyView, a component which enables secure remote access to virtual applications and virtual desktops from any device with a browser. skyView comes as an add-on to Thinspace skyGate, a secure remote access gateway solution.

skyView is a high performance RDP client built using the WebSockets and Canvas functions of modern browsers as part of the HTML5 specifications. The browser acts like a RDP client and renders the presentations of a Microsoft Windows application and desktop running on remote server. The WebSockets and Canvas functions enable the browser to behave like a full-fledged RDP client without requiring any plugin or agent which requires user intervention, IT support, admin rights and platform support for the device.

The skyView mode is a zero-management tool for IT to deliver any Windows application or virtual desktop without worrying about what device the end user is using. skyView works on any browser compatible with HTML5 specifications including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and more, on devices like Windows PC, Linux PC, MAC OSX, iOS, Android, Chrome books and Windows Phone.

Vijender Yadav, Director and CTO at Thinspace commented, “Earlier, operational tasks could be performed only on desktops, but today, people are opting for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets even at enterprises. Organizations need a solution/product which is compatible with consumer devices and various operating systems, giving users a better experience. skyView supports different kinds of devices and provides a high performance HTML5 RDP client-enabling browser-based access to Windows Applications and virtual desktops. Unlike other HTML5 solutions, skyView doesn’t require a third party VPN. Besides, skyView is easy to run and maintain as it doesn’t install any software on the client’s side and RDP host.”

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