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Thermaltake announces KBC Computech Pvt. Ltd. as their National Distributor

Thermaltake announces KBC Computech P Ltd. as their National Distributor to cater to their TOP-Notch Gaming product line PAN India.

It’ll provide an expanded market reach, enabling access to a broader customer base across regions in India. This increased market penetration can lead to higher sales and revenue generation. Additionally, KBC Computech possess robust logistics and supply chain management capabilities, optimizing operations and reducing costs for businesses like Thermaltake. Their expertise and resources can enhance brand visibility, resulting in increased brand recognition and consumer trust. Moreover, partnering with national distributors allows businesses to tap into their market knowledge and insights, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. Overall, this partnerships will offer a comprehensive set of advantages, enabling the businesses to scale, gain market share, and drive growth effectively.

Hear from Mr. Chrish Che, Asia Pacific Head of Thermaltake

Words by Mr. Kapil Saga, Director of KBC Computech Pvt. Ltd.

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