The Trending Concept: TAP Now Connect Later

The instant social networking app was founded by Rupal Sharma and Adeeti Singh in 2021. It lets you free your personality in cafes to connect with people around keeping your comfort zone intact. Just go to Cafe, take out phone – “TAP” on app & keep your phone aside , enjoy your food

Now when you are at your home in your comfort zone you get access to the Cafe chat room – see all the people who were there in the cafe that time with you & tapped. Also, Users can invite friends from any city / Country to cafe chat rooms. People invited will have a nominated tag on their profile with a link to the invitee profile. You can then send waves & start chatting with people you bumped into today in the café.

O’hi is counted as the most powerful , comfortable real instant social network which allows individuals to interact in the same place. The socializing network became popular after launching a beta version in India’s biggest cities, including Jaipur, Pune, Delhi & Goa. The network helps people experience, benefit from their friends offline social life across the globe

O’hi is the social networking app that took the first movers advantage using the power of real-life human interaction in the same physical space as café to allow people to make meaningful connections instantly. O’hi started in 2021 with Jaipur and Goa as their pilot cities, intending to further move to Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore.

The Young duo, Rupal & Adeeti have been friends for 13 years and have studied human behavior live at cafes. The fun fact is they are so deeply involved in this domain that it’s been over 4 years that every day they have visited at least 4 cafes to explore various things happening around in a cafe in terms of human behaviors and need, seek learnings. The app is making it convenient for tourists to interact with locals or fellow tourists in a random city.


Attributed to Mr Rupal Sharma, Co-Founder, Ohi, A social networking App

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