Munish Jadoun
CEO, ZNetTechnologies

Munesh Jadoun is the founder and CEO of ZNet Technologies which is a part of RP tech India. He belongs to Bayana, Bharatpur, Rajasthan. He did his schooling from his native place and then he came to Bharatpur for further studies. He got selected for a polytechnic diploma in computer science, so he came to Jaipur to pursue the  diploma but soon he decided to launch his own venture and learn from the practical world. He started his own company named ZNet India, a proprietorship firm, with little savings he had, after doing a few jobs.

He has one brother and one sister. He got married in 2006 and has a very supportive wife. He has 2 sons, the elder is 13 years old and the younger one is 9 years old. Mr.Jadoun has received  many awards from leading media houses like CRN and from prestigious organizations like IAMCP(International Association of Microsoft Channel partners)

He believes in self-learning and that you can learn anything by practicing as he himself learned digital marketing, about domains and technologies related to web hosting and the cloud He started website designing and website development and because of his hard work, his first employer is his client now. He admires a lot of people, but he only picks the good things from them. Equality and diversity and inclusion core values in his company.He says that we all are the same, it doesn’t matter what is your position or education, ZNet gives equal priority to every employee.

He loves reading books and is passionate about cycling. He cycles almost 1000km in a month and listens to audio books while cycling. Mr. Jadoun’s philosophy is to accept life as it is and to live in the present. He says that we humans are like input-output machines, so we should never stop learning.

Established in 2009, Jaipur based ZNet Technologies Private Limited is the leading distributor of cloud services, IT infrastructure services, and cybersecurity services to partners across the globe. In an interaction with IT Voice, Munesh Jadoun, CEO and Founder, ZNet Technologies, throws  spotlight on his organization and his learnings.

As an entrepreneur, he has been a part of the hosting industry for almost 2 decades. ZNet Technologies has two successful brands (RackNap and ZNetLive) under its umbrella.

ZNet Technologies has 1 lakh+ customers across the globe. The flagship product of ZNet is RackNap. RackNap is a billing and provisioning automation platform for selling cloud and non-cloud services. RackNap offers a unified platform for CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) – including direct/Indirect resellers, web hosting providers, data centers, telcos, and subscription service providers to efficiently deliver services and to manage their customer relationships.

He is also actively involved in IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), a community of Microsoft channel partners across the globe that works to improve P2P collaboration among partners. He is also a part of IAMCP Delhi, India and Global Marcomm Committee. Mr.Jadoun said that government should provide more IT-friendly environment and motivate people to work in the IT sector because Jaipur’s vicinity to NCR provides it with many opportunities to develop its IT capabilities. Government should develop infrastructure and focus on startups to convertJaipur from a tourist city to a business city.

IT is a very big industry, so it is not necessary for newcomers to make their own product or invest a large amount, theycan start IT consultancy and product reselling. Knowledge enhancement can transform their business. He said,“I had started this company with 1employees and now we have 100 employees”. So, always have faith in your abilities and if you never stop learning, the sky will be all yours.