The SER Group transforms digital information management with future-ready platform Doxis4

About Company

The SER Group is an international ECM vendor that is positioned as a “Challenger”in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms 2019. Its recent project with Plasser India is just one example of how the SER Group and its flagship product Doxis4 are helping companies in India to successfully manage the digital transformation. We spoke to Managing Director Morad Rhlid about what the SER Group has to offer the Indian market.

About Morad Rhlid

As a Managing Director of the SER Group, a leading global ECM vendor, Morad Rhlid helps businesses make the jump into the digital future using SER’s content services platform Doxis4 and the integrated collaboration solution Doxis4 iRoom. Rhlid is an ardent believer in the power of ECM and has been successfully convincing IT managers from diverse international markets of this for over 20 years now.


Nisha Harshwal: Morad, the SER Group is already one of the leading enterprise content management (ECM) vendors in the global market. What does your company have to offer the ECM market in India?

Morad Rhlid:- First of all, we are excited to help businesses in India bring the digital transformation to their information management! This is what drives us. The SER Group has over 30 years of experience successfully conducting digitalization projects with all kinds and sizes of customers from all industries. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. This is reflected in the positive Gartner Peer Reviews, where the SER Group has a top customer rating for the content services platforms market. With over one million users, we are connecting people with information and creating the digital workspace of the future.

Nisha Harshwal: SER’s flagship product is the Doxis4 platform. What makes it stand out from other ECM solutions?

Morad Rhlid:-No other software brings together ECM, BPM and collaboration onto one platform like Doxis4 does. It is universal, multilingual and fully scalable to meet growing requirements – no matter which market, industry, company size or volumes of data and documents. Doxis4 utilizes intelligent cognitive services based on a uniform metadata approach. It provides the foundation on which your company can easily build business applications to run artificial intelligence technologies and content analytics solutions. And these are just a few reasons why Doxis4 stands out.

Nisha Harshwal: You mentioned collaboration: It is still a challenge for many companies to create effective collaboration environments, particularly given the increasing complexity of global teams that work across different locations. What do you think is the solution here?

Morad Rhlid:-You touch on a big topic right now. In fact, we see collaboration as one of the major trends for information management in 2019. Collaboration solutions must accomplish so much: the integration of external and internal project members, seamless information access regardless to time and place, providing the same basis of information to everyone, and all while ensuring transparency and security. This is a huge challenge! The answer lies in virtual project and data rooms based on a content services platform – like the Doxis4 iRoom. It addresses all of these enterprise collaboration needs.

Nisha Harshwal: What else do you see as a major trend for information management in 2019?

Morad Rhlid:-Content federation offers immense potential. It finds content located across several repositories and provides it to users as if it were from one source. Regardless of where content is created or stored, content federation makes sure that your company’s data and intelligence is kept actionable. As a part of a content services platform, it enables your company to maintain a 360-degree overview of your documents and data, and thereby of your business processes. It makes data discovery and management much easier.


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