SER’s Doxis4 supports Plasser India in their digitalization strategy

The SER Group was selected to support Plasser India’s modernization and digitalization at their plant near Delhi. The full range of the Doxis4 suite, including enterprise content management, workflows and collaboration via Doxis4 iRoom, will be implemented at the Indian facilities. Plasser India is an independent entity of Plasser & Theurer Austria, the only manufacturer in the world that offers a complete range of machines for the laying and maintenance of railway tracks.

Mr.Sanjay Srivastsava,Head-IT-Plasser India

Plasser India now benefits from the flexibility and scalability of Doxis4. Apart from standard document and process management, Doxis4 offers true value to the manufacturer. The Doxis4 iRoom enables Plasser India to directly and securely exchange content internally, with the Austrian entity and with external partners.Alldocumentscan be shared and worked on securely and in the latest versionsreadily available. What’s more, tasks can be created and followed-up on easily and directly in Doxis4. This way, all crucial information is handled, tracked and archived on one platform that enhances productivity and security. The seamless integration of Doxis4 and SAP is another plus for Plasser India. Moreover, Plasser India also opted for SER’s solution templates for contract management, HR records and invoice management as part of the project.

“Doxis4 and its solution templates not only meet the requirements we set locally but also the requirements for security and compliance that are crucial to our entire business. This, in combination with SER’s vast international experience, its relevant ISO certifications and the recognition from international market analysts make SER a perfect partner for our digitalization strategyand will facilitate collaboration between Plasser India’s plants and stakeholders,” says Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Head of IT at Plasser India