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The M1 MacBook Air with its distinctive wedge-shaped design is still available, and it can be purchased at Walmart for $699

Last week, when Apple discontinued the sale of the M1 MacBook Air to make room for the new M3 version, many mourned the loss of the M1 Air’s iconic wedge shape. However, it seems that the mourning may have been premature. Walmart has just announced that the M1 MacBook Air will now be available for direct purchase from its online store for a discounted price of $699. Additionally, the retailer mentioned that the M1 Air will soon be available in select retail stores.

Upon reviewing Walmart’s website, it appears that these M1 Air laptops are being sold as new units, which makes the $699 price tag quite compelling. For comparison, Best Buy offers the same model for $999, making Walmart’s deal significantly more affordable. However, it’s worth noting that the discounted price is applicable only to the base model, which comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. While some may find 8GB of RAM insufficient in 2024, the reduced price of $699 helps offset this limitation, especially considering that recent discounts had only brought the laptop’s price down to $749.



One aspect that remains unclear is how long Apple plans to continue supplying Walmart with new M1 Airs, or whether this arrangement is temporary until existing stock is depleted. Despite reaching out to Apple for clarification, a response has not been received at the time of writing.

If Walmart’s deal with Apple is ongoing, it could have significant implications for both the retailer and consumers who appreciate the M1 Air’s wedge shape. Even if it’s not a permanent arrangement, the availability of the M1 Air at Walmart provides an opportunity for individuals to purchase one before they are phased out entirely. Given the M1 Air’s popularity, it’s heartening to see that the beloved wedge-shaped laptop will remain available for a bit longer.

In summary, Walmart’s decision to offer the M1 MacBook Air at a discounted price of $699 presents an attractive opportunity for consumers. Whether this deal will be ongoing or temporary, it provides individuals with the chance to acquire the iconic M1 Air before it potentially disappears from the market.

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