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The Logitech Reach is a flexible webcam that allows you to aim it at your desired subject

Logitech has unveiled the Logitech Reach, a flexible webcam designed to enhance remote meetings, online tutoring, and livestreams. The camera will initially be crowdfunded through Indiegogo Enterprise to refine its design and determine pricing. Although the campaign start date hasn’t been announced, pricing is expected to fall between $299 and $399, based on a survey on Logitech’s website.

The camera itself is the well-regarded 1080p, 60fps Logitech Streamcam, which can be replaced with another Streamcam if needed. The Reach will come with a choice of a free-standing base or a desk clamp, and both bases will be sold separately. It operates as a plug-and-play USB camera, and its articulating arm allows for flexible positioning, similar to boom microphone stands. The smooth panning and stability of the Reach set it apart from other articulating webcam mounts, making it a valuable tool for remote work, streaming, and vlogging.

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