The iconic German brand(Blanpunkt)known for its cutting edge audio technology announcedthe launch of its star product – SBW500Wired Soundbar

This new soundbar is magnificently powerful andboasts an array of features like 5.1 Channel Surround Sound,Auto Pairing, LED Display and 7 Presets Equalizes. The audio reproduction delivers a big cinema experience as the woofer’s deep sound coupled is with the clarity and separation

The design of the soundbar is inspired from efficient German lifestyles. There is an elegant yet very functional sophistication. You will see the German DNA of delivering the highest performance in the most precise shape and form. Like every German high end sportscars here too every part, however small, adds to the performance. You can trust the German roots to make sure that technology, design and materials come together in the best possible way.

Who will love this soundbar? Well, everybody who listens to it perform will instantly realize that this system takes things to the next level. Movie lovers will delight in its sound separation and the theater like feel it creates. People passionate about music will love the clarity of every frequency and the richness of the bass.

Despite coming from a high-end German brand the SBW500 is competitively priced, starting from INR 14,990 and is available exclusively on Amazon.

“Amidst all this rollercoaster, we are happy to continue with business growth and I am thrilled to launch new products in Indian market. The iconic German brand Blaupunkt’s SBW500 Soundbar will surely become the first choice of Indian users in the home audio market. This new launch of a wired soundbar targets the millennial music enthusiasts and their requirements. There is stiff competition in the Audio segment for wired soundbars.Only high quality products with the best technology,design and style will be of any significance in this segment. We are confident that our latest product offering, the SBW500, given its German heritage, performance and build quality will captivate its audience and create a mark in the market.”-Mr. Sukhesh Madaan, CEO, Blaupunkt Audio India .