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The First All-In-One Wearable Computer Is Coming!

WimmOneInBandA major advertisement with the tagline “Are You Ready For Your First Wearable Computer EYETOP?” rolled across the giant screen overlooking New York’s Times Square on Sept. 26, drawing much interest and attention from the industry and from many consumers.

As the most promising sunrise industry in the future, technology giants including Google have, one after the other, aggressively developed various wearable products. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently witnessed a new registered trademark for the wearable device EYETOP from OLiGHTEK in China. The wearable computer is one of their main research and development products. In the near future, in consideration of international market competition, there will be a new business unit created. Stay tuned.

What is a wearable computer? Why EYETOP? The trademark registration of EYETOP was undertaken to establish protection at the point of registration. With global registrations in place, plans are set for EYETOP to enter the market and for promotion of the concept to be rolled out. What are the differences between EYETOP and Google Glass?

Winsum Ji, the president of EYETOP, explained, “A wearable computer is one kind of wearable device. The first computers that could be placed on a desk were called desktops, then, later on, when notebook computers were launched, they were called laptops. The EYETOP is a natural continuation of that concept. The device integrates a computer display and computing into a pair of glasses, and consumers can surf the net, play games, do some business once they don a pair.”

Mr. Ji continued, “EYETOP has a complete computer architecture, and can provide common computer functionality including games, movies and email, eliminating the need for any other supplementary devices, for example, cellphones. The various new wearable technologies differentiate the EYETOP from cellphones and tablet PCs. It delivers new human-computer interactions that don’t require the input of users, giving the user using a computing device a sense of freedom that was never before achievable.”

“There are already many wearable devices available on the market; however, the functionality of what is available quickly shows how big a challenge the concept is. EYETOP boasts very clear advantages in terms of display. It is the world’s first to use the 0.5 inch micro AMOLED micro-display technology – a technology that delivers 2000ppi precision, providing screen effects of 20 meters, 550 inches. What’s more unique and amazing is that the EYETOP has all-new parallel true 3D features,” Ji added.

As the first all-in-one computer among all wearable devices, EYETOP undoubtedly breathes some fresh air into the severely homogenized electronics market. The arrival of the EYETOP heralds the beginning of a new era in wearable devices and is expected to open the door to a torrent of fresh ideas and new innovations.

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