Your ipad is responsible for the skin reaction

apple-eu-antitrust-635 (1)act you endure from mysterious reaction and are you an devoted iPad user? condition latest reports are to be believed, these two things authority have a relation. It turns out that Apple tablet uses nickel, which is a recognized cause of skin rash. The report comes from a medical monthly which says that nickel allergic reaction can happen out of many electronic devices which includes tablets, laptops and cellphones too. It was an Apple iPad which caused fading rash to a boy of eleven years who was treated at a San Diego Hospital, according to a report in Monday’s pediatrics.

However, nickel rashes are not life frightening but it can be painful which requires antibiotic treatment.

The boy had a common skin condition which causes flaking patches but he developed itchiness which did not take action to any drug. Skin testing showed he had a nickel allergy which doctors traced to iPad which his family bought in 2010.

The boy used the gadget daily and doctors detect a chemical compound found in nickel in the iPad’s outside varnish. His situation became better after putting a cover on the device. Whether all models of iPad include nickel or not; Apple representative Chris Gaither said the company had no comment.

Doctors also said that nickel allergies are common and cited that 25 percent children have this allergy. They now treat electrical gear as potential sources while investigating skin diseases.

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