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The excitement soars sky high for the most awaited Chingari Star Contest presented by KuCoin; Creators gear up to win GARI Tokens worth INR 2 Crores

The excitement soars sky high for the most awaited Chingari Star Contest presented by KuCoin; Creators gear up to win GARI Tokens worth INR 2 Crores
The excitement soars sky high for the most awaited Chingari Star Contest presented by KuCoin; Creators gear up to win GARI Tokens worth INR 2 Crores

India’s #1 short-video app Chingari powered by $GARI, today announced the new dates of its exciting contest ‘Chingari Star’. The contest launched by the app will be open for creators and users to participate across India from 15th February- 15th March 2022. By participating in the contest, creators and users stand a chance to win $GARI tokens worth INR 2 Cr. Along with the title, the Chingari Star alone will take home a whopping cash reward of INR 1 Crore powered by $GARI tokens.

The new dates of Chingari Star contest presented by KuCoin as title sponsor, are announced in the light of the overwhelming response that Chingari received from the creators ‘community. The time from 1st Feb- 14th Feb can be used by the creators to strengthen their Chingari profiles, increase their followers and apply for Star badges on the current app. The contest aims at identifying the upcoming talent in India and promote them on the platform as the Chingari Star of the year.
The Chingari Star contest is exclusively sponsored by KuCoin. KuCoin is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange launched in September 2017. Known as the ‘People’s Exchange’, KuCoin is built for all classes of investors. It currently provides Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, Staking, Mining, and Lending to its 10 million users in 207 countries and regions worldwide. As the No.1 altcoin exchange, KuCoin supports over 600 tradable assets and more than 1,000 trading pairs. Also, KuCoin has established over 20 local communities in Europe, SEA and other regions, providing users with highly localized service and support.
Content creators today are artists, storytellers, subject matter experts who are generating high quality content for short video platforms. Short videos have become the most engaging format for creators and viewers. Focusing on this dynamic shift in the consumption behaviour and demand for fresh and unique content, Chingari has announced the Chingari Star contest.

With this contest, the app creators are aiming at identifying the upcoming talents from the remotest corners of India and giving them a platform to promote themselves, their unique skills and reach out to a larger audience across the nation. The contest is open for both already existing and new/ potential creators and users of the app. Users have to simply follow the below-mentioned steps and they can stand a chance to win handsome cash rewards and become the ultimate Chingari Star:

Step 1: Complete your profile on Chingari
Step 2: Upload 5 videos on the app
Step 3: Apply to become a Chingari Star

The winners will be selected on the basis of votes garnered by each creator for their content. The results will be announced in March 2022.

Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App expressed, “Through this contest we are trying to motivate our existing creators to bring in their A game with fresh and brand new content, as well as inviting new creators to come and explore our platform, make videos and earn with $GARI tokens. Looking at the overwhelming response that we have received from the creators so far, it only made sense to commence the contest from 15th Feb. The extra time can be utilized by new users to build their profile on the Chingari app- and get a fair chance to win the contest against the creators that are already popular on the app.”

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu stated, “As the accelerator and participant of the crypto industry, KuCoin is excited to join forces with Chingari to launch this contest, which will help more users become aware of, understand and get into the crypto world. This will also accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain.”

“We are thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the creators to participate and win this contest. As we believe in healthy competition, it was only fair to commence the contest from 15th Feb, and give all the creators an equal chance to prepare a strong base for their ultimate win. Obtaining the Chingari Star title will bring many more opportunities for the winner. The monetary rewards powered by $GARI tokens will help us in gaining more traction from the creators and viewers as well as motivate them further in participating in the contest”, remarked Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App.

The Chingari Star contest will go live on 15th Feb- 15th March 2022. Contest winners will be announced in March, following which the winners will be invited to Mumbai for a grand victory celebration. Every Chingari user will get 5 votes each day to vote for their favourite creators. 1000s of users who are actively voting, spending time watching videos on the app stand a chance to win attractive prize money.

Aside from the contest, Chingari users can also start making fresh videos and earn $GARI tokens on the app from 8th Feb.

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