The Egghead Creative Launches 4th Estate, An Android App To Read And Browse Daily India News

eggheadThe Egghead Creative, a quality consulting services firm from Hyderabad releases an Android news app called 4th Estate. As an alternative news reading platform, 4th Estate, provides an excellent way to browse and read curated news from India.

4th Estate collects and processes news articles from top news portals in India and displays them in a readable manner. A smartphone user can browse through news articles across categories like Politics, Technology, Sports, Business & Entertainment. Also, the app provides a daily view on what’s popular and latest in India.

4th Estate stands tall in the myriad of news aggregators, readers with its clean, no frills, and easily useable interface.

They are planning on a second release in the coming months with more localization and customization features where a user can selectively read news about a specific location.

The 4th Estate App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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