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The AI Pin from Humane is scheduled to commence shipping in March

Humane, the tech company, has announced that its innovative AI Pin, a cutting-edge AI-powered wearable, is set to commence shipping in March 2024. The company plans to prioritize customers who placed advanced orders, shipping devices based on the order date, as outlined in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While the exact shipping date was not specified by Humane, the March timeframe provides a more specific estimate compared to the broader early 2024 timeframe initially mentioned by the company in November.

During its unveiling last month, Humane showcased the AI Pin’s capabilities in selecting from various AI services to respond to user queries, all without the need to glance at a screen. It was emphasized that the device allows users to interact with AI-driven responses, although a demonstration video revealed a significant error in one AI-powered response. Additionally, Humane exhibited the device’s projection system capable of displaying interactive elements on the user’s hand.



Star Trek-Like AI Pin Starts Shipping in March | PCMag
Star Trek-Like AI Pin Starts Shipping in March

However, the innovative features come with a substantial price tag. The AI Pin is priced starting at $699, with an obligatory $24 monthly subscription required for obtaining a phone number and utilizing cellular data.

Humane’s AI Pin has generated significant interest due to its promise of a novel and screen-free interaction with AI services. The device aims to provide a seamless experience for users seeking quick responses and interactions without the need to divert attention to a screen. The projection system, allowing visual elements to be displayed on the user’s hand, adds an extra layer of innovation to the wearable.

Customers who placed priority orders are likely eager to receive their devices, anticipating the unique functionalities promised by the AI Pin. The March shipping timeframe offers a more concrete expectation, allowing users to plan for the arrival of their devices.

Humane’s decision to prioritize orders based on the date of purchase suggests a fair distribution process, ensuring that early adopters receive their AI Pins promptly. The company’s emphasis on transparency regarding the shipping schedule demonstrates a commitment to keeping customers informed.

The pricing model for the AI Pin, with its initial cost and monthly subscription, reflects the investment required for access to this cutting-edge technology. While the device’s capabilities are impressive, potential customers may weigh the costs against the perceived benefits, considering factors such as convenience, efficiency, and the overall user experience.

As the March shipping date approaches, users and tech enthusiasts alike will be closely watching for reviews and real-world experiences with the AI Pin. The device’s success in delivering on its promises and meeting user expectations will likely influence its adoption and reception within the tech community.

Humane’s foray into the wearable AI market represents a bold step toward redefining how users interact with artificial intelligence. The company’s commitment to shipping the AI Pin in March indicates a significant milestone in bringing this innovative technology to consumers, and the tech world awaits the device’s impact on the landscape of wearables and AI interaction.

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