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Tezos India Announces Partnership with Tweed: Empowering mainstream user adoption of Tezos projects

Tezos India, a leading blockchain platform driving innovation and adoption in India, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Tweed, a pioneer in providing compliant and plug-and-play Software Development Kits (SDKs) for self-custodial wallets. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the user experience and accelerate mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, particularly on the Tezos network.

Tweed’s comprehensive white-label SDK encompasses key management, wallet features, and a secure payment layer. By partnering with Tezos India, Tweed will help platforms and brands effortlessly deploy self-custodial wallets for their users, eliminating the regulatory burden associated with custody. The transparent flow of Tweed’s solution, coupled with seamless onboarding through social logins, will facilitate the transition of Web2 users to the Tezos ecosystem, ensuring frictionless experiences that enhance overall platform activity.

Tweed’s payment functionalities include credit card-to-NFT purchases, offering mainstream users and individuals from different chains a seamless payment experience. Backed by renowned venture capital firm Accel and operating from Tel Aviv and New York, Tweed has already gained substantial traction in the Tezos ecosystem as the sole white-label wallet-as-a-service provider. Moreover, Tweed’s dedication to enhancing user experience and security has led to the development of Tezos-specific features like wallet auto-reveal, mitigating any potential user experience issues during NFT drops.

“Tezos India is excited to partner with Tweed to bring the power of self-custodial wallets to mainstream users,” said Om Malviya, President at Tezos India. “Tweed’s exceptional technology and commitment to user experience perfectly align with our vision of driving widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Together, we aim to provide a seamless and secure platform for individuals and brands to leverage the immense potential of Tezos.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Tezos India to further advance the reach of self-custodial wallets,” stated Michelle Latzer, Cofounder & CEO at Tweed. “The Tezos network attracts quality projects, including many Web2 brands who are targeting mainstream users and require a white-label experience that keeps their brand at the forefront. This speaks directly to Tweed’s core value proposition, with the emphasis on security, compliance, and user experience that we believe can bring more web2 users – and well as web3 users from other chains – to the Tezos ecosystem.”

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