Tenda Exhibits its Products at the IFSEC India Expo 2018

Tenda, a leading global vendor of networking devices, is showcasing a wide array of network devices at the IFSEC India Expo 2018 (Booth No: C140) from 5th – 7th December 2018 held at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The wide range of products being exhibited by Tenda include the Tenda O1, an Outdoor and Indoor CPE which has been of star interest for all the System Integrators who were looking for lift security solution, the Tenda I9, a 300mbps wireless access point which got a good response as well due to its affordable price point, the mesh duos Nova MW3 and Nova MW6 that are acquiring more queries then ever due to increase in smart home and wider requirement of Wi-Fi is making mesh a go-to-solution. The Tenda PoE switches set themselves apart and practical with their 250-meter transmission and 6KV lightning protection, and the W15E hotspot load balance router was of equal interest to people building cafe Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi zones.

IFSEC has become the pre-eminent authority on the global security and fire industry. By bringing together product and solution providers with both channel partners and senior decision makers from government and private sectors, the IFSEC events and community provide the perfect platform for our clients to meet their objectives through thought leadership, product & solution showcases and year-round networking.

Some of the keys products being exhibited are listed below:

Nova MW3
With support for Concurrent 40 users and 3500 Sq.ft area coverage, Nova MW3 is an ideal device for people owning big houses and villa, MW3 is designed to satisfy customer’s requirement of wall-mount as well as the desk-mount feature. With MIMO & Beamforming technology, Nova MW3 makes sure that signals are distributed uniformly to all assigned devices. Tenda WiFi app is of great assistance while managing Tenda Nova devices with comfort.

With a price of just 9,999 for 3 units, the Nova MW3 is currently the cheapest Wifi Mesh available in the market. The Price of the Nova MW3 with 2 units is 8,200. One can connect up to 5 units in this mesh which can cover 5000 sq.ft. area.

Nova MW6
Nova MW6 is powered with Mesh technology, a set of three units covers home up to 6,000 square feet with strong Wi-Fi signals. It supports up to 90 users at a stretch. The MW6 is a Gigabit router. The working of the MW3 and MW6 is same but the MW6 has some of its own upgrades.

Please find below the Key Features of the MW6:

Lag-free experience by navigating your connection through the optimal band
Easy set-up guided by Tenda Wi-Fi App instructions on your mobile device
One Wi-Fi SSID for the entire home – provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity
Multiuser support – using Wave2 MU-MIMO technology offers greater density allowing multi-users to stream, game, and download at the same time more efficiently
Tenda Wi-Fi App lets you customize and manage your network with features such as parental control, guest access, and UPnP