Polash Ventures expands its base in Mumbai and Bangalore

Polash Ventures, The Marketing solutions provider is expanding its base in metro cities of Mumbai and Bangaluru by the end of December 2018. With its successful endeavor in Delhi NCR for over 5 years, the company aims to tap the market potential in the two major cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru as well through face teams and dedicated delivery offices.

With full-fledged digital marketing and communication solutions, the company looks ahead to become the industry leader in helping organizations grow their business exponentially. The company has successfully provided solutions for Marketing, Promotion, Supports, and Events to the industry players for the growth of their businesses in Delhi NCR. The expansion of the company in other metro cities of India, majorly Mumbai and Bangaluru will help Polash Ventures to cater to companies with corporate offices in these cities.

The company in its experiential zones in Mumbai and Bangaluru will also offer tailor-made customized cloud Telephony service to Enterprise and SMB clients by the brand name of IVRBOX with 99.9% uptime. This will help Polash Ventures to provide the best-in-class services to clients through its exclusives offices. It is also targeting different metros and Tier 2 cities to gain a nationwide presence with 500 new clients and is aspiring to target Enterprise/SMB clients globally Enterprise clients in FY 2018-2019.

Excited with the expansion plans, Mr. Lalit Upadhyay, Founder, Polash Ventures says, “Till now we were dependent on the resellers for tie-ups with the companies in other metro cities but it has limitations in terms of service facilitation. The involvement of various channels in the service delivery compromises the quality; hence, we decided to provide paramount services through our exclusives offices and experiential zones in Mumbai and Bangaluru. We look forward to providing customer-centric services in companies from FMCG,Real Estate and companies with large number of  end costumers. Our venture also aims to help companies that are facing difficulties in switching to new age technology and social media platforms can also benefit from our offerings.”