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Tenable Chosen by Wärtsilä to Solve Operational Technology (OT) Asset Management Challenges

Tenable, the Exposure Management company, has confirmed that Wärtsilä has selected Tenable OT Security™ to manage its operational technology (OT) asset inventory collection and provide holistic visibility into its OT environment. The deployment allows Wärtsilä to answer its customers’ questions around asset delivery, reducing supply chain risks and taking a proactive stance on cybersecurity. Wärtsilä will extend the Tenable solution to its customers, allowing them to visualize their own OT environments.

Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets and was seeking to address three key challenges:

●        Automated asset inventory collection

●        Compliance reporting — IEC 62443, etc.

●        OT vulnerability reporting

Previously, this information was collected manually with the data being reported using spreadsheets. This process was time consuming and susceptible to errors and the data could have inconsistencies both in the way it was collected and reported.

With Tenable OT Security, an industrial security solution for the modern industrial enterprise, Wärtsilä can identify assets, communicate risk and prioritize action all while enabling its IT, security and OT teams to work better together.

Ross Bailey, Cyber Security Expert, Wärtsilä

“We tested multiple tools and found Tenable OT Security to have great discovery via vendor specific protocols. The workflow of the tool was a great fit for our own needs but, beyond that, we realized that using the solution allowed us to develop and introduce new services to benefit our customers too,” explained Ross Bailey, Cyber Security Expert, Wärtsilä. “With Tenable OT Security, we can help our customers to visualize their own OT environment. This allows them to adhere to the evolving compliance landscape and ultimately assists in protecting critical infrastructure.”

The detail provided by Tenable OT Security — which includes firmware versions, serial numbers, anomalous network activity and more — allows Wärtsilä to report to customers accurate and consistent information about their OT environment. This includes information about current project delivery whilst also detailing cyber risks within their environments that need to be addressed allowing both parties to move beyond reactive cybersecurity to a proactive exposure management program.

Amir Hirsch, general manager of OT at Tenable

According to Amir Hirsch, general manager of OT at Tenable, “As OT networks continue to grow, converge with IT and become more complex, they introduce new risks and challenges for the organization to address. Understanding the nuances within the organization and broader industry is key to implementing an effective OT security strategy. All teams — those tasked with securing IT and OT — should have complete visibility of the entire infrastructure and relevant interdependencies. This means knowing exactly which assets exist, their configurations and full situational awareness of both sides of the house, empowering the security team to see and understand the big picture.”

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