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Telegram’s latest update, version 10.5.0, introduces new features, including the “Thanos Snap” effect, a redesigned call screen, and various enhancements

Telegram has unveiled its latest update, version 10.5.0, introducing several new features to the messaging platform. Among the enhancements are a redesigned call screen, improved performance on older devices, and a distinctive “Thanos Snap” animation for deleted messages.

One notable improvement is the revamped call screen, featuring new animations and dynamic backgrounds that change based on the call status. The update also addresses existing bugs and glitches, aiming to enhance call quality. Telegram developers have promised further improvements to connection and audio quality later this year.

The “Thanos Snap” effect, initially introduced for auto-deleted messages on the iOS version of the app, now extends to both Android and iOS platforms. This animation adds a visually appealing element when users delete messages.




Telegram rolls out new update for users, redesigns voice and video calls;  see all changes including 'Thanos Snap' - BusinessToday
Telegram rolls out new update for users, redesigns voice and video calls; see all changes including ‘Thanos Snap’

Telegram bots, which enhance the functionality of the app, have received a significant update. Bots can now react to messages, reply to chats or topics, manage reactions, quotes, and links, and provide information about giveaways and boosts if assigned the admin role in a channel.

The update also brings various performance enhancements, with a focus on reducing power usage and boosting overall performance, particularly for older devices. Telegram aims to optimize its platform for a smoother experience across different devices.

Notably, the company has teased additional features in the latest update, promising to reveal them later this month. Users can expect further refinements and innovations to enhance their Telegram experience.

Telegram’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in its recent string of updates. In the past few months, the platform has introduced features such as the ability to choose profile colors, report stories from other users’ accounts, discover channels of interest, and a tool for transcribing voice and video messages for free. These regular updates reflect Telegram’s dedication to providing a robust and feature-rich messaging experience for its user base.

As technology evolves, messaging apps like Telegram continue to evolve to meet user expectations and stay competitive in the market. The introduction of creative animations, functional enhancements, and performance improvements contributes to Telegram’s appeal and keeps users engaged with the platform. With the promise of more features to come, Telegram remains at the forefront of innovation in the messaging app landscape.

In conclusion, Telegram’s 10.5.0 update brings a mix of aesthetic and functional improvements, from a redesigned call screen and the “Thanos Snap” animation to enhanced bot capabilities. The platform’s commitment to ongoing enhancements ensures that users can look forward to a feature-rich and optimized messaging experience.

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