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Telegram has rolled out an update that enables users to transcribe voice chats and repost stories, among other features

Telegram, the popular instant messaging application, has introduced a set of 11 new features in its latest update, aiming to enhance the user experience for its extensive user base. Among the notable additions is the voice transcription feature, allowing users to transcribe their voice chats. The update also focuses on improving the storytelling aspect within the platform, introducing advanced features such as ‘Reposting Stories’ and other innovations beyond traditional communication methods.

As Telegram evolves and innovates, it faces stiff competition in the crowded messaging app landscape. Rivals like WhatsApp, Signal, and Facebook Messenger continually strive to introduce new features and improvements to attract and retain users. The instant messaging arena is witnessing a race for supremacy, with each platform vying to offer the most compelling and feature-rich communication experience to their respective user bases.

Here are some key features introduced in Telegram’s latest update:

1. **Similar Channels:** Telegram now enables users to discover new channels effortlessly. Upon joining a channel, users will be presented with a curated list of similar public channels, automatically selected based on similarities in subscriber bases.

2. **Reposting Stories:** Users can now repost stories from friends and favorite channels, expanding their audience with just a few taps. The repost feature allows users to add extra content such as text, audio, or video comments. Only stories visible to ‘Everyone’ can be reposted to ensure privacy.

3. **Video Messages on Stories:** Telegram introduces video messages to stories, allowing users to add dynamic commentary or express themselves through video. Users can resize, move, and adjust video messages along the time axis. Video messages can be recorded by holding the camera icon in the story editor.

4. **Profile Colors:** Premium users on Telegram now have the ability to set a unique color combination with logos for their profiles, adding a personalized touch and making their page stand out.

5. **Enhanced Wallpaper Customization:** Premium users can now set wallpapers for both sides of individual chats, adding a visual flair and making each chat unique and easily recognizable.

6. **Voice-to-Text Feature for All:** Telegram is democratizing its voice-to-text feature, allowing all users to convert up to two messages per week into text. This feature was initially introduced in 2022 exclusively for paid users, and now it is made available for all, with free users restricted to transcribing two messages a week.

7. **Insights for Channel Stories:** Channels posting stories can now access statistics for story views, shares, and reactions, providing valuable insights into the performance and reach of their content.


Telegram update brings story stats, profile colours, similar channel  recommendations, and more | App News - News9live
Telegram update brings story stats, profile colours, similar channel recommendations, and more

8. **Custom Reactions and Code Highlighting:** Channel admins now have a new interface for managing reactions, including the ability to add custom emojis. Additionally, Telegram apps can now detect coding language and highlight syntax in messages sent with code formatting, facilitating clearer communication for developers.

9. **Group Improvements and iOS Animation Effects:** In groups with Topics enabled, users’ view preferences will be saved, enhancing the overall group experience. On iOS, auto-deleted messages now feature a captivating Thanos Snap animation, adding a touch of magic to disappearing messages.

Telegram’s commitment to continuous improvement and the introduction of these features aims to provide users with a richer and more engaging messaging experience, setting it apart in a competitive market. The update brings a blend of creative, practical, and privacy-focused features to cater to the diverse needs of its user base.

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