Technology Evaluation Critical For Smart Cities Initiative

”Evaluation of the best compatible technology to be integrated in a smart city environment will be pivotal for the success of the ambitious 100 smart cities initiative,” said Ravinder Pal Singh, Director, Solutions Strategy and Business Development, Dell.
Speaking at the Second Smart Cities India expo in New Delhi, an event centered around building of smart cities in the country, Ravinder added that open architecture and space for scalability come as two vital factors for any smart city, considering the rapid advancements in technology.
Speaking in a similar tone, Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Technologies added that the definition of a smart city depends on its priorities and there can’t be a one size fits all scenario for ICT in a city.
The announcement of building 100 smart cities in the country by the center in the year 2014 attracted a plethora of IT giants including IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco etc., queuing up to participate in the initiative.
And while there are numerous success stories of cities turning ’smart’ across the globe including Barcelona, Singapore, Songdo etc., head honchos are still brainstorming about how a smart city in India will shape up, citing a very different scenario in the country from rest of the globe.
The Government of India has already released the list of first 20 cities to be inducted in the smart city initiative comprising of Kochi, Jaipur, Surat, Pune etc., while a second list of cities, to be included in the umbrella program, is expected to be floated in the coming months.

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