Tech Mahindra Joins 1.5°C Supply Chain League On World Earth Day

Tech Mahindra Joins 1.5°C Supply Chain League On World Earth Day

Tech Mahindra Joins 1.5°C Supply Chain League On World Earth Day

The newest to join the elite league of 1.5°C supply chain leaders is Tech Mahindra of India. The company announced on Thursday that it has joined the league in order to work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support its supply chain partners to reduce the emissions. Major organizations like IKEA, Ericsson are already members of the group.

It is a group of multinational corporations, who have joined hands with an aim to curb emissions, support their supply chain partners to the same, build a flexible business ecosystem, and have a competitive advantage.

Its founding members include corporate-like Telia, BT Group Unilever, IKEA, etc. The group is supported by the International Chamber of Commerce and We Mean Business Coalition as well. The prime focus of the league members is to help each other support the small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the science.

“By joining the 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders we are committing to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions across our full value chain in line with the 1.5°C ambition – and to urge our suppliers to do the same. This is a crucial part of decarbonizing our full value chain and to reach our climate targets,” – Sandeep Chandna, Tech Mahindra’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

The press release by Tech Mahindra narrated, “By joining the 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders, the company is trying to encourage the small and medium-sized suppliers also to make the SME Climate Commitment through the SME Climate Hub.”

Head of Exponential Roadmap Initiative Johan Falk said on the occasion, “We need to jumpstart the first halving of emissions – and without addressing the full value chain this will be impossible. Collaboration is crucial for large corporations to halve emissions in their supply chains towards net zero, whilst also presenting a significant opportunity to advance its position in what will become the next generation of sustainable value chains.”

Further, he added, “We are delighted to welcome Tech Mahindra to the 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders, as a leading information technology company taking action to reduce emissions in line with science.”

It wasn’t a coincidence that the tech giant chose World Earth Day to announce the step. The company is aimed to support its suppliers to halve emissions before 2030 and reach the net-zero emission before 2050.

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