Neerja Software Joins Hands With Oloo Spartans For The Futuristic Products

Naveen Sharma Neerja Software

Naveen Sharma CEO Neerja Software

Naveen Sharma Neerja Softwares
           Naveen Sharma CEO Neerja Softwares

The pandemic only acted as a catalyst for the increase in demand for health supplements. People are understanding the significance of a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living. And thus, we have joined forces with Pankaj Anand, founder of Santa Kidz to launch our health supplements products in India and six other countries under the brand name of Oloo Global. Similarly, we have already stepped into the futuristic E-vehicle& solar solutions segments. With multiple opportunities coming up, Neerja Software and Oloo Global will be a vital force towards success in the coming time.

About Neerja Softwares – Neerja Softwares is an Indian company contributing through offshore clients, managing web technology and services as an IT solution provider. The company offers services for various IT domains like Mobile Apps, Web, mCommerce, eCommerce, Internet of Things, Wearables, Cloud Integration, Cross-platform, On-demand Small, and Enterprise Solutions.

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