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Team Computers along with Hitachi Vantra hosted an event under the theme
– “Modernize your Datacenter”

Leading The Future of Business with Data-Driven Solutions

As businesses become more reliant on digital technologies, they are faced with new challenges such as how to store and protect sensitive data while remaining cost-effective. Data is essential for any business, and companies need a secure solution that can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the technology industry. 

In line with this Team Computers, a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital services and IT consulting solutions recently hosted an event with Hitachi Vantara that highlighted how

the future of business is data-driven, with every company becoming increasingly data-rich.
As the world moves towards a more digitalized economy, businesses must be able to store and process data securely in order to remain competitive. 

During the event Sanjay Luhade, Global IT Head QuickHeal Technologies, presented a first-hand experience-sharing session on how data is changing the industry and driving digital transformation. Sanjay shared his insights on how businesses can leverage data to unlock value for their business and drive better decision-making capabilities. 

Team Computers and Hitachi Vantara brings enterprise-grade storage capabilities to small and midsize organizations. This advanced storage technology will provide reliable, secure data backup with the ability to scale up or down depending on current usage needs.

Shyam Lodh, Business Head of Team Computers Enterprise Solutions further highlighted that 

“In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, data has become the lifeblood of businesses across all industries. From retail giants to healthcare providers, every company is now data-rich, holding a treasure trove of valuable insights waiting to be unleashed. But merely collecting vast amounts of data is not enough. The true power lies in becoming data-driven, leveraging this wealth of information to drive strategic decision-making and fuel the digital transformation journey.”
Team Computers and Hitachi Vanatra are helping to drive the adoption of cloud infrastructure across businesses of all sizes. From developing intelligent data platforms, hybrid cloud infrastructures, and digital consulting expertise, they power resilient digital processes, products, and experiences that turn data-rich businesses into data-driven ones.

Overall the event themed under the title”Modernize your Datacenter” aimed to educate and empower attendees with the information and tools required to enhance the efficiency, scalability, security, and agility of their data centers in line with the modern digital landscape.

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