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TAIT Introduce ‘Paathshaala’ For Educating Members, Staff

rushab_shah_hoRcITAIT ,IT associations in Mumbai is gearing up for a slew of events after successfully completing their expo- Com-IT.

The association is planning for a Diwali meet calling all the stakeholders of IT industry in the city. Association is coming up with a new project- ‘TAIT Paathshaala’. This is TAIT’s education initiative and is an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap in specific skill sets. TAIT Paathshaala is scheduled to start from November 2015.

“A single session of the TAIT ‘Paathshaala’ will accommodate about 30-50 people depending on the venue and total cost of INR 25 thousand excluding taxes”, says Rushab shah, president of the association. He also said that Tait office will arrange promotion of the event, registration, smooth conduct at the venue, refreshments, organize equipment like laptop, projector and more.
He also said that anyone who wants to avail this need to submit the proposal with the intended coverage to the ‘Paathshala committee to ensure the education value of the program.

Specialized topics spanning hardware, software, solutions, soft skills, will be covered.Training program will be conducted every 15 days at venues in different parts of the city. Rushab Shah said this is an opportunity to reach the length and breadth of Mumbai’s IT fraternity.