Symplur Announces new digital analytics product for healthcare

download (2)Symplur, LLC unveiled their new digital analytics product called Symplur Signals in Paris at the Doctors 2.0 & You conference last month and is targeting July 14th as the official launch date. Symplur maintains the biggest database of healthcare correlated Twitter conversations in reality via their role as the founder and curator of the globally recognized Healthcare Hashtag Project. Large healthcare organizations, academic institutions, and medical associations wishing to gain business intelligence or to manner formal research have frequently hired Symplur to make available deep analytics on the details contained in this ever increasing database of health discussions. Symplur Signals is designed to be directly used by these third parties, thereby allowing unprecedented hands-on access to this exclusive pool of information replace.
Symplur has just passed a noteworthy milestone having captured over 500 million tweets on over ten-thousand healthcare topics. virtually 1 million new healthcare tweets are captured each day from patients, physicians and other key stakeholders in health and medicine. Symplur’s website provides free access to numerous ways of gathering real time information on what healthcare topics are trending, but Signals is projected to take this approaching to the next level. Think beyond mere metrics and into the empire of user performance (network centrality), content analytics (sentiment analysis) and more.

Co-founder, Thomas Lee states that, “Over the past 5 years, we have seen that the value of healthcare social media is no longer in question, now the hub is on ways to extract business and health insights from social appointment.”

Audun Utengen, co-founder, agrees, “Big data can be overwhelming, therefore, we designed this new donation based model for our users enabling easy admission to more data points, and most prominently to interact directly with our system.”

Physician partner, Dr. Howard Luks, states, “The Healthcare Hashtag Project has proven to be a tremendous reserve for academics, healthcare practitioners, patients, conference organizers and virtual attendees alike as we follow, interact and learn from far away.”

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