Suprema Intelligent Access Control Solutions Help Maintain Employee and Business Wellness.

Suprema, is known globally for providing access control, time, attendance and biometric solutions. It had identified the need of contactless, biometric solutions and mobile credentialing way before the pandemic had even started. The company’s top biometrics solution is known as FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal. It uses intelligent facial recognition which ensures authentic and accurate personal identification providing enhanced security without any kind of contact. Suprema’s credential solution Mobile Access, which is completely contact less eliminates the need of costly access cards and proximity devices.

Suprema FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal  has a highly boosted performance with upto  3,000 matches per second. It has a memory which is capable of accommodating up to 30,000 users, 50,000 image logs and 5 million text logs. Also it can fit live face detection with IR-based fake face blocking (anti-spoofing) technology, multi-band RF reading technology. These technologies support the latest RFID standards for multi-modal credentialing as per requirement. It is so designed such that the  Android-based intuitive touchscreen LCD not only provides ease of use but also one can use it without any need of prior training.

Suprema Mobile Access automatically transforms an iOS or Android smartphone into a contactless credentialing device with tight security. Very soon FaceStation 2 will be compatible with Suprema Mobile Access,ensuring a convenient and fast operation. All that an user needs to do is simply tap their smartphone on an RFID reader so that they can get access from distances within 10cm without the need to wake the host smartphone.