January 21, 2021

Are your Passwords Strong Enough? Hackers are Watching You

The recent DIBR statistics suggest that 80% of the hacking related breaches mainly take place due to the usage of weak and re-used passwords. Some of the major IT veterans talk about their take on weak passwords leading to cyber-attacks.

Vikas Bhonsle, CEO at Crayon Software Experts India

He says how dreadful it is to find out that one’s account has been hacked. Now if the accounts are of an IT organization that is another major concern because all the important data and resources are at the risk of exposure. The next immediate step taken is figuring out which data and how much of it has been hacked.Thus, it is very important to keep a strong password for proper security. The hackers mainly target passwords and particularly privileged passwords because they get major information from one single password. One should have strong password policies, change the passwords frequently, have unique passwords and most importantly not sharing it with anyone.
The major data breaches take place due to passwords and are no longer the primary method of authentication. The individuals should use Multifactor Authentication approach. Some software uses biometrics. A good internet security software is more important than a basic anti-virus protection to provide security. The employees must be aware about phishing mail and attachments in unsolicited messages. The hardware devices should also be protected.
Prashanth G J, CEO at TechnoBind 

He states compromised passwords are the major reason behind data breaches taking place. Password sharing is a common problem since may years. The emerging problem now is the problem of privileged users and access. Privileged user accounts have enhanced access rights to sensitive data and information of an organization. These are the accounts the hackers target because exploiting it, one can access the entire network, structure, system and data of an organization. The solution to this problem should be both strong system, processes and robust tools. At TechnoBind they have helped customers with these privilege management solutions

Shibu Paul, Vice President – International Sales at Array Networks
Reports suggest that 80% of the breaches take place due to weak passwords. Organizations should have a strong defense system to secure their privileged credentials. The companies should implement a two-factor or multi-factor authentication method and a policy of compulsorily resetting the passwords to prevent breaches.
The hackers mainly target passwords that open the gateway to privileged access. The entire security of an enterprise depends on how the network security is managed. Comprehensive authentication and access control should be an enterprise’s main concern. Array Access Gateway(AG) Series helps the service providers and public sector organizations get a secure remote, mobile access to the applications and cloud services. The AG Series uses an extra layer of defense against the unauthorized access and misuse of data and applications.
Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network Pvt Ltd (Titanium Partner – Dell Technologies)
 The password security mainly depends on three factors. First, the employees want to re-use their existing passwords. Second if an organization has overly burdened authentication system then the employees prefer poor and risky passwords. Third, using the same password for different accounts makes it easier for hackers to get access to multiple accounts. The organizations should adopt industry-leading endpoint security solutions such as comprehensive encryption, strong authentication, and leading-edge malware prevention. Dell provides Dell Data Protection Security Tools which uses multi-factor, single sign-on, and pre-boot authentication solutions along with centralized, integrated management with required encryption policies to keep the credentials safe. It is also recommended to read the steps for creating strong password. The employees should be aware about the importance of a strong password to prevent data breaches, All these factors can also help reduce data breaches significantly.