December 4, 2020

Superbox – the newest super performer from Portronics!

image001New Delhi, November 19, 2013:

Portronics, a renowned leader in innovative, digital and portable products, proudly presents another path breaking all-in-one device – the Superbox. Committed to improving the ease of use and portability of electronic devices, Portronics has forever presented extremely convenient gadgets that are not only portable but very user friendly.

The Superbox, truly incorporates this very essence of Portronics. The Superbox is a palm sized device but has the capability of being your speaker, your Mp3 player, your audio recorder and even your power bank, all-in-one! It is a one stop product for all your needs; in a size that is extremely portable and friendly.

The Superbox is small in size but big on delivery – the high performance gadget comes packed with an 8 GB card and Stereo Earphones that are bundled along with it!

The features list of the Superbox is manifold; it can be a powerful speaker or can become your powerhouse for songs or audio recording by simply inserting in the micro SD card. Want to record more songs, or transfer some onto your computer? Simply do it by attaching the USB cable directly to it and then to your computer!

The Superbox is also a Digital Voice Recorder with powerful built-in stereo microphones which eliminates the need for an external microphone. It boosts the quality of your recordings and provides rich and clear playback. The device supports hefty control buttons for ease of use. It also allows capacity extension of up to 32 GB to accommodate your range of recordings.

Superbox Black

Superbox RedThe biggest surprise of the Superbox is that is also acts as your Power Bank, with a removable battery of 2000 mAh. Change it to the charge mode and use it to charge your mobile, anywhere, anytime!

Now if all that was not enough, the Superbox also backs you by being a moveable mini hard disk for storing files and audio file! Could you ask for more?

The Superbox is a must have for all, with the kind of features it presents, its high performance and the vast uses such a small device supports.

Pricing and Availability:

The product is available in the market.

Price: 2499/- INR