Government And Private Organizations Should Work Together To Create Reforms And Policies To Tackle Cybersecurity Issues Better

Sudhir Kothari Founder & CEO Embee

Sudhir Kothari Founder & CEO Embee

Team IT-Voice recently had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Sudhir Kothari Founder & CEO Embee. Embee has been enabling more than 2000 organizations to transform with technology in a digital, mobile-first, data-driven world. Embee specializes in Cloud Technologies, Business Intelligence solutions, new-age Collaboration, Mobility, and Security solutions, along with integrated ERP solutions based on SAP Business One, and Octane HRMS. The financial year turnover of Embee is 700 cr. Here is an excerpt from the interactive session.

Prateek: 34 years and counting, tell us more about the journey of Embee.

Sudhir Kothari: I distinctly remember my childhood inspiration to start and lead an organization. My eye on the future led me to technology. I had no technical background, but from day 1, I approached the business as a learner. It has been more than 3 decades since I founded Embee. When I founded Embee in 1986, there were no smartphones. We used to prepare proposals on typewriters. We started with selling global licenses of Microsoft and Lotus, then moved onto SI based, and in 2010, we became a global strategic partner of Microsoft.

As the organization grew, I developed the vision of Embee as the technology partner for its customers. Hiring the right employees and setting the right processes were some of the key significant challenges faced by me as a businessman. It can be solved by being exclusive in terms of ultra-specific advertisements which assist in pre-qualifying candidates. The employee hunt needs to be approached in the same manner as that of a customer-centric marketing campaign.

Prateek: Cloud technology will dominate the coming time but does it pose a threat to data-driven technology companies?

Sudhir Kothari: People are gradually discovering the ‘new-normal’, be it in social interaction, business operations, or even leisure. COVID-19 has hit us all suddenly. Many businesses found themselves unprepared and scrambled to adopt various technologies to keep the ball rolling. Comprehensive technologies for remote productivity, collaboration, and business continuity have existed for several years. The future is digital, and I firmly believe that businesses and institutions must use this disruption as an opportunity to adapt and transform with technology. We at Embee have been enabling organizations to precisely do that for over three decades.

Cloud computing has become a big game-changer in all the sectors offering the benefits of flexibility, scalability, remote work management, data security, unlimited storage, easy access, pay-as-you-go model, and data analytics. Many organizations are even shifting to hybrid cloud models to address the need to analyze data closer to the source. Big Data including Application Modernization, Data security, and backups will also be important pieces of the digital transformation puzzle in coming years.

Prateek: Tell us more about Digital Embee. How do you see it as a milestone in the company’s journey?

Sudhir Kothari: On April 1st, 2021, we announced the launch of Embee Middle East WLL, to be known as Digital Embee in Bahrain.

When it comes to the digital economy, Middle East countries are the obvious choice as the market is huge and growing at a rapid pace. We aim to become the largest IT solutions and services provider in the Middle East based out of Bahrain. With 30+ years of experience, we believe in offering customized, anywhere-anytime solutions for truly meaningful relationships with customers.

Our future-proof technology helps brands build efficient business models and workplaces. Together with our local partners, we will deliver the best IT services in the Middle East market, which will help businesses make faster, data-backed decision making coupled with efficient problem-solving in a faster and smarter manner. To be able to guide customers on that journey, continuous transformation and growth are an integral part of who we are.

Prateek: How the pandemic situation affected Embee? What was the key strategy of the company to overcome its impact?

Sudhir Kothari: Covid 19 had a huge impact on our business. Working from a home became a new normal with sudden cultural & behavioral changes that everyone needs to adopt, accommodate & move on whether customer or vendor, buyer, or seller.

Even after all this, compared to many other industries, our IT industry is survived from initial hiccups and is expected to have an enormous market boom. The main reason for this increase in the business is the increased demand for software and social media platforms such as Azure Infrastructure, Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Azure PaaS/Microservices, Microsoft Teams, etc. People can run their business remotely or stay in touch with their family members as well as have conference meetings and work at the same time. The economy will also blossom because, during these crises, people understood the importance of the internet and technology as this is helping us stay safe and helping in the communication between the doctors and the public.

Prateek: Many tech giants have fallen victim to data leaks in the last months. What must be the approach of the government bodies and private organizations to overcome the effect? What security services and products does Embee offer?

Sudhir Kothari: Yes, that is right. Many tech giants are facing security challenges. Therefore, both government and private organizations should work together to create reforms and policies to tackle security issues better.

We built secure hosting architecture and managed security systems end to end, keeping them updated and protected from all potential vulnerabilities. Designing and Implementing Security architecture with our in-depth understanding of hosting systems, we help growing enterprises secure cloud resources, workloads, and network edge.

With our deep technical expertise, we help businesses reduce operational expenses involved in managing IT, attain guaranteed round-the-clock availability, instilling a great deal of security, and allowing them to focus on strategic engagements.

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