Successful Due Diligence Of Software Companies To Ensure Successful Exit, Merger Or Acquisition

pressrelease_285475_1381078873Dr. Karl Michael Popp,, a seasoned expert in business development and mergers and acquisitions in the software industry has published a book titled “Mergers and acquisitions in the software industry – foundations of due diligence.” It is a desk reference for investors, business developers and M&A professionals alike to successfully analyze mergers and acquisitions of software companies.

I am thrilled to present learnings from several dozens of mergers and acquisitions due diligences and post merger integrations in this easy-to-consume format. Everybody analyzing software vendors should profit from the hands-on knowledge presented,” says the author Dr. Karl Michael Popp.

With the book you get collective knowledge and best practices for running due diligence on software companies as well as business models and ecosystems in the software industry.

Covered topics are: Foundations of mergers, foundations of due diligence, risks and risk management in mergers and acquisitions, foundations of the software business and their analysis. All topics are enriched with examples from over 50 software companies including Google, Oracle and Microsoft.

Praise for this book comes from Adriaan Ligtenberg, a serial entrepreneur, private equity investor and business angel living in Europe (Amsterdam), Silicon Valley (Stanford) and Asia (Tokyo). “Crafting a worthwhile exit for the companies shareholders is the key to successful Fund Management. Karl‘s book gives us the insights how especially software M&A transaction are analysed and accomplished in one of the largest software vendor. His insights in the strategic contribution of software as the core element of the business model and how to evaluate and methodologically analyse this through the due diligence process is unique and very valuable.

The book can be purchased in all major bookshops and online bookstores (ISBN: 978-3732243815). Please find more information about the book on the website The book appears in the “Synomic Academy” collection.